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How does Forbes outdoor LED display cope with summer thunder
2020-06-04 15:54
    In summer, there are many thunderstorms and bad weather is also a test for the LED display. The LED display has high integration of electronic components, and its sensitivity to interference is also increasing. When hit, the lightning current will cause mechanical, electrical, and thermal damage, which will cause serious damage to the LED display.
   Forbes LED specializes in the production of LED display screens and has extensive production experience. There are related solutions for the display screens installed in various environments. Then, when entering the high season of the thunderstorm season, install the outdoor LED display How to deal with bad weather. The outdoor LED display has a high protection level, which can reach IP67. The reason for the high protection level is to adapt to various outdoor weathers. The modules and cabinets on the outdoor screens must be able to cope with outdoor weathers accordingly In the selection of modules, we will use modules for outdoor applications. The outdoor modules have three anti-paints, and the automatic glue filling machine is used to improve the flatness of the modules. And use high-quality imported glue for glue filling to improve waterproof performance. Protect the circuit board and related equipment from the erosion of the bad environment, and put on a waterproof rubber ring to achieve a waterproof effect.
    In the selection of cabinets, simple cabinets or sealed cabinets can respond well to outdoor weather. They are tailor-made for outdoor LED displays. Lightning rods are installed on the support structure of the LED display (outdoor) to counter the steel structure. Connect the rigid structure to the outer shell of the LED display, do the same potential, and do the grounding. The grounding resistance value is generally less than 10 ohms. If the resistance value does not meet the requirements, an additional artificial grounding network should be done. The lightning protection device must also be grounded to achieve both waterproof and lightning protection effects. If it is in heavy rain, it is recommended to turn off the display to ensure the life of the display.

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