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What is the transparent LED display
2020-05-28 09:44
    What is the transparent led display, as the name suggests, "transparent" is the biggest feature. The objective performance of traditional screens such as opacity and airtightness has caused many problems such as overweight, poor heat dissipation, redundant structure, high power consumption, and abrupt modeling, which has led to the "LED transparent screen". Many products in the industry, including glass screens, light strip screens, grille screens, curtain screens, grids, strip curtains, etc., have also begun to name this.
    It can also be seen from this that the biggest characteristics of the transparent led display are: high light transmittance, good technical effect, good heat dissipation effect, light weight and easy maintenance.

    At present, the glass transparent LED display is more popular. It not only has the above characteristics, but also has outstanding characteristics in terms of light transmittance. The LED transparent screen can be attached to the glass very naturally and hung on the glass keel. When the screen is not lit, it almost does not affect the overall design and transparent lighting of the building; after lighting, the glass becomes an LED screen, which can play graphics and videos, and the colors are gorgeous, the picture is realistic, and it comes with a light 3D effect. The perfect combination of high technology and artistry makes LED transparent screens very popular.
   When there is no glass, the LED transparent screen can also exist independently for interior design. The new visual experience brought by high transparency and dazzling colors can make customers 'showrooms, supermarkets, etc. become the leaders in fashion and technology in the same industry. The superb customized LED transparent screen can fully support customers' Uniqueness requirements.

    The eight-minute Winter Olympics in Beijing gave everyone a deep sound. There is an ice screen here to let the world's audience see China's black technology. This kind of ice screen is one of the transparent led displays.

    It can be installed behind the huge glass present, it can be in the window, or it can be a stage rental screen.

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