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Forbes LED'S Stars Sparkle in Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
2019-11-18 16:29

 The conference of opening ceremony of the Olympic games was to be hosted at the Cidade Das Artes (City of Arts) in the south-west zone of Rio de Janeiro and chenkse ensured that the place is brightened up for the event.

An 81.25-square-meter Chenkse P5 of 5mm bedazzled the stage. An opening ceremony of one of the biggest sporting events in the city of carnivals need to reflect the spirit of its host city and Chenkse’s P5 did just that with its true color technology, high contrast ratio and brightness levels.

The next generation, state-of-the-art product is quick to install and easy to maintain and it does not need an army of technicians to do either of the jobs, one man is more than enough. It has magnetic tops to make sure the alignment of the cabinets is perfect, the cabinets are sturdy and robust to the extent that it is climbable and high IP rating makes it perfect for the humid climate of Rio.

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