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Forbes Outdoor LED Display standard
2019-11-18 16:30

Outdoor LED Display is widely used by outdoor advertising companies for its vivid pictures and videos. To ensure good quality of the advertisement,Forbes has its own standard for outdoor LED Displays.

       1. Good Viewing Quality

To ensure this, the outdoor LED Display should have very good resolution, high brightness, high ratio to make sure that the LED Display can still have quality picture outside under direct sunshine and not lose the original color of the videos.

2. Energy-Saving

To recall governments call for energy saving, this is also well-considered for our products.

3. Wide viewing Angel

Outdoor LED Display which is installed outside for advertisement purpose. So to make sure people can see the content from different direction is a very important factor. So wide angel LED Display design can achieve this effect.

4. IP Grade

Because the outdoor LED Display is installed outside, so it has to be waterproof and be able to endure harsh outside environment. So IP 65 or IP 67 is a must for display.

A good outdoor LED Display should includes the above 4 factors. And beside this, as a good advertising board, elegant outside appearance design is now becoming more and more important too.

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