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How to choose an indoor LED Display
2019-11-01 14:49

As a very popular and fashionable method, LED Display is now widely used by media companies. It is able to broadcast information by pictures, movies,videos and so on and also can do live broadcasting. But facing all kinds of LED Displays, buyers don’t know how to choose a suitable LED Display for its own use.

1. Indoor LED Display Model

According to the pixel pith, indoor LED Display includes P2.5,2.5、P3、P4、P5、P6. For example, like P2.5, it means the distance between two pixels is 2.5mm. So according to the different pixel pitch, the density of each square meter is also different. The smaller the pixel, the higher the pixel density and the screen resolution is higher for sure. 

2. Installation Environment.      
The prior factor for us to choose a LED Display is the installation environment. Will the screen be installed fix in a hall, a meeting room or movable to different stages.

3. Viewing Distance   

Viewing distance means the distance between people and screen. Take P2.5 for example, theoretically we say the best viewing distance is beyond 2.5m; same for P3 and other models. So for the numbers behind P, it means both the model pixel density and also the viewing distances. So when choosing a LED Screen, we have to judge the most viewers distance from the screen, so we can have the best viewing quality for the screen.


4. Size of the Display

 The size of the display is also a very important factor for choosing a LED Display. Generally speaking that if you want the screen be able to show pictures, videos with good quality, we suggest the minimum pixel density of the screen is 50000 pixels. The more pixels, the resolution will be more high.

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